Pocket Bag Valve Mask

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The Pocket BVM (Bag Valve Mask) is a hand-held disposable device for manual resuscitation and emergency respiratory support for adult patients. This device is designed for one-time patient use; however it can be re-folded for training purposes. It is ideal in either emergency or clinical settings, and replaces any standard BVM combining all components and operational capabilities into one compact unit.

* Connections: Gas inlet tube 15mm length x   6mm O.D.  Patient connector: outside - 22mm male, inside - 15mm female.
* Expiratory connector (for PEEP valve attachment): 30mm male
* Resuscitator Volume: 1600 ml.
* Bag Reservoir Volume: 2600 ml.
* Size Unpacked: 8.5 in. long, 4.7 in. diameter (217mm length, 121mm diameter)
* Body Mass Suitable for Use: >88lbs. (40kg)
* Delivered Oxygen Concentration: 55% (at 2 L/min) to 100% (at 8 L/min)