Phlster Flatpack XL, Red

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The Flatpack XL is a 7×10 inch rigid panel that expands on the concept of the original Flatpack Tourniquet Carrier, creating a larger medical equipment organizer. Using shock cord and a rigid backer, items can be restrained to a flat and accessible configuration, keeping the inventory observable at a glance and space-efficient.

The Flatpack XL fits into backpacks, briefcases, laptop bags, tablet sleeves, messenger bags, and anywhere else you would stow a laptop or tablet device, making it ideal for discreet and convenient off-body carry.

Shipping unassembled with six lengths of shock cord, users can configure their Flatpack XL to fit their specific inventory of medical items. Items can be tied down directly to the backer, or the Flatpack-style release tabs can be employed to facilitate rapid access to the items.

Each Flatpack XL comes with attachment holes in all four corners. Gang multiple XL’s together with zip-ties, cord, or carabiners to form a “book” of panels to expand the capability of your medkit. Carry the same items on each page as redundant or duplicate kits or stage-specific interventions on each page. Use the attachment holes to mount them inside the lid of a pelican case, paracord them to a vehicle seat-back, or hang them on the wall in convenient locations.


*FlatPack XL does not come loaded with medical componenets