Ortiz Medical Response Pack™

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Designed and made specifically for NYPD Strategic Response Group, this pack is lightweight, trauma care response pack built specifically to be rapidly deployed during an active mass-casualty event.

Each pack is carefully stocked with effective emergency trauma care products for immediate response and treatment of a wide range of wounds such as extremity wounds, gunshot wounds, penetrating injuries, severe hemorrhage, lacerations, eviscerations, and airway obstructions. 

Five basic Bleeding Control Packs are stored in the lower compartment of the CT-1000 for easy one-handed access and distribution, while the main compartments and side pouches hold the rest of the more advanced trauma products. Contents are packaged in accordance with M.A.R.C.H.E methodology.

Kit Contents

  • 5x - Bleeding Control Packs
  • 1x - 4” Emergency “Israeli” Pressure Bandage 4”
  • 2x - Sterile Gauze 4.5”x 4 yards
  • 1x - CPR Face shield
  • 1x - HD Nitrile Gloves, (Pair) XL
  • 1x - Color Treatment Card,
  • 1x - Vacuum Sealed Package
  • 5x - RMT 1.5” Tactical Tourniquet - (A Rated US Military)
  • 5x - Hemostatic Gauze (choose)
  • 5x - Compression Dressings (choose)
  • 1x - Pocket BVM “Bag Valve Mask”
  • 5x - FASTBreathe Thoracic Seal (FTS), vented chest seal.
  • 5x - FAST Combat Wound Seal (CWS)6, occlusive seal
  • 5x - Sterile Gauze 4.5"x 4 yards
  • 5x - Emergency Mylar Blanket
  • 2x - Surgical Cloth Tape 1"x 10 yards
  • 2x - Trauma Shears 5"
  • 5x - Heavy Nitrile Gloves XL (Pair)
  • 1x - Assorted Bandages Pack
  • 5x - TECC Casualty Cards
  • 1x - Laminated MARCHE Card / Kit List
  • 1x - Activity NYPD CT-1000 - Backpack


  • Shelf Life: 4+ years
  • Bag Colors Available: Black, Tan, Red
  • Made in the USA