Activity Group Covert Trauma Kit

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Designed originally for undercover law enforcement and security specialists the ACTIVITY Covert™ Kit contains the necessary critical trauma care components to treat injuries resulting in severe bleeding, gunshot wounds and lacerations.

The Activity Covert Pouch small system is designed for smaller frame individuals and is to be worn at the small of the back, under suit coats or other articles of clothing. It will accommodate several belt thicknesses for versatility no matter the required attire.

The Activity Covert Kit™ is a must for every day duty carrier or undercover work, and keeps critical items within arms reach in case of an emergency situation.

* Sewn and Assembled in the USA

Kit Contents
1x Ratcheting Medical Tourniquet (RMT)
1x Hemostatic Gauze
1x FAST Combat Wound Seal (CWS)
1x SWAT-T Bandage / Tourniquet
1x Nitrile Gloves XL (Pair)
1x Activity ACP Carrier System