Activity Active Trauma Pouch (Vehicle Tear-Away)

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The A360 is an advanced Individual First-Aid Kit (IFAK) and features life-saving, easy-to-use products. Expertly configured in the ATP (Active Trauma Pouch) Vehicle Mount System, which uses a heavy hook and loop tear-away panel backer, the ATP can be rapidly removed and attached to a belt or another Velcro panel. For customization requests, please contact us.


1x Active Trauma Pouch “ATP” Vehicle System

1x Tourniquet (Choose RMT, CAT, SOF Tactical)

1x QuikClot Bleeding Control Dressing (rolled)

1x 4″ Emergency Bandage

1x Beacon Chest Seal

1x Compressed Gauze

4x Telfa Non-Adherent Pads

1x Emergency Blanket

1x Assorted Bandaid Pack

1x Surgical Cloth Tape 1″x1.5yd

2x Nitrile Gloves (pair) XL

1x Trauma Shears 5″

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Back, Tan, Gray, OD Green


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