Tactical Medicine & Prolonged Emergency Care Training

The Activity Group conducts Tactical Medicine and Prolonged Emergency Care worldwide.  We work with individual law enforcement agencies and military units, however, we do not conduct public courses.


  • Standard Courses including TCCC, TECC, BCON, CPR, and First Responder Certifications.
  • Custom course design specific to mission preparations or risk assessment.
  • Seminar / Expedition Medical Courses in Realistic Environments
  • Simulator-Based Skills Training & Scenarios
  • Scenario Development & Moulage

Instructor Cadre

All instructors have a minimum of 5 years experience in combat / tactical medicine in an operator role.  Our cadre includes US Special Operations 18D and Tactical Paramedic / Law Enforcement SWAT Officers.  We believe this experience is critical, and our instructors teach from that experience. 

Organizational Experience

The Activity Group, Inc has conducted bespoke courses in the US, Canada, Europe, and Middle East for a wide variety of law enforcement agencies, executive protection and corporate security, as well as EOD and Special Operations Units.

Courses include:

  • Prolonged Emergency Care
  • Counter-Terrorism Operations
  • IED Response
  • Clandestine / Covert Medical Skills
  • TCCC Basic and Advanced Courses
  • TECC Courses
  • High Altitude Medical Skills
  • Environmental Medicine

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