Equine Backcountry Trauma Kit

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After multiple requests from backcountry horse packers and mounted police, we collaborated with MWI Animal Health and large animal veterinarians to create the Equine Trauma Kit.  Containing critical equipment to address traumatic injuries to horses, the kit is easily stowed in a saddlebag or in a backpack.

All items in the kit are approved for human use, serving a dual purpose of protecting both the horse and rider.  The kit is designed to treat injuries ranging from sprains to severe bleeding and open wounds.

Kit Contents

  • 2x Compressed Gauze, 4" x 4"
  • 1x Trauma Shears, 5"
  • 1x T-Ban Compression Bandage
  • 1x CWS Wound Seal
  • 1x Mini Compression Bandage
  • 2x WoundClot Hemostatic Gauze 3" x 8"
  • 1x 60cc Irrigation Syringe
  • 1x 3" Rubber Wound Irrigation Tubing
  • 1x CoFlex Roll, 4" x 60" 
  • 4x Nitrile Gloves, XL

Video Instruction

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