RMT™ Pediatric Ratcheting Medical Tourniquet

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The RMT Child tourniquet is designed to treat severe injuries to the arms and legs of small adults and children. Based upon the proven design of the military grade RMT Tactical, the RMT Child provides unmatched quality and performance when seeking to stop life massive bleeding in an emergency situation.

The RMT Child tourniquet is not just for children and can be used effectively on individuals weighing under 120 pounds. The unique ratcheting ladder construction and webbing allow the RMT Child to fit smaller limbs, with a built-in in safeguard to prevent overtightening.

• Applies precise, micro-adjustable, mechanical pressure
• For use on individuals weighing under 120 pounds.
• Self-locking system, no additional steps necessary
• Simple; intuitive “gross motor” operation
• Ratcheting sound verifies activation
• Easy 2-step instructions printed directly on the tourniquet
• Compact, lightweight,
• Military Tested and proved technology since 2002
• FDA Registered
• CE Mark & Registered

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