RMT - 1.5" Paramedic (Black), Ratcheting Medical Tourniquet

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Ratcheting Medical Tourniquet® (RMT) – PARAMEDIC: Larger than TACTICAL RMT; with 1″ m2® Ratcheting Buckle and Ladder Strap. Best version for initial familiarity and training. Fits into IFAK. Intuitive operation. Intuitive. Fast and highly effective. Rugged & Durable for training and use. The RMT (Ratcheting Medical Tourniquet) is the most advanced hemorrhage control tool in the world, and has achieved the highest ratings from the US Military since 2007. With numerous advantages over other options, the RMT is rapidly becoming the tourniquet of choice for militaries, law enforcement, EMS and citizens around the world. Intuitive design, rugged construction and rapid, true “one handed” use, application make the RMT the ideal tourniquet on and off the battlefield, in just about any environment. The RMT is overbuilt for performance, and strong enough to be trained with over and over again without degradation or loss of effectiveness. U.S. Mil-Spec Material, Chemical & UV Resistant. No expiration date. *Models based on width (1.5", 2", etc.)

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