Phlster Flex Large

Regular price $44.99 USD

The Flex is a light weight,durable, breathable, body-hugging, laser cut Hypalon modular IWB platform, which allows you to configure your EDC into one grab-and-go unit

Featuring double the accessory attachment field of the standard Flex, the Flex Large accommodates more gear, larger individuals, and users who wish to distribute their equipment over a broader area. It also reduces gear crowding, in the event that a larger light-bearing holster is attached. The durable and flexible laser-cut Hypalon panel can be trimmed or folded in the event that the user does not require the entire attachment field.
With generous room for at least three accessory attachments instead of the standard two, the Flex Large is ideal for users with increased equipment requirements. Carry additional trauma interventions, OC spray, ammunition, Narcan, or anything else you want in a single modular platform which frees up pocket space and integrates your vital equipment into a single low-profile grab-and-go unit.

The Flex Large comes with a single hardware kit, standard, and a second additional hardware kit (along with one holster and three accessories of your choice) can be bundled at a discount via the Flex Large builder.

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