Armor Express Revolution Concealable Body Armor

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The Revolution is among our most popular concealable vests. It utilizes microfiber nylon for its exterior shell material that is water-repellent and antistatic treated. The standard Revolution carrier inner lining consists of a moisture-wicking, anti-microbial material that provides evaporative cooling.

  • Durable and lightweight microfiber outer shell
  • Moisture-wicking, anti-microbial inner lining
  • Low-profile padded shoulders
  • Interior suspension system prevents sagging of the armor panels
  • Front 5"x8" and 7"x9"/7"x10" plate pocket accommodates inserts for added protection (male) or 5"x7" (female)
  • Patented Easy Grip Side Straps®
  • Fitted female carrier also available

*** This product can be custom sized to your armor express panels.  You can find your panel size on the label that is on your ballistic panels, examples: 2215 / 2015   or  2516 / 2516 

The 4 digit number in the example means 22 inches at the widest point and 15 inches at the longest point of each panel.

You can also find the size on your current concealed carrier when you unzip the carrier near the bottom of the vest.  You will need to send both the front and the rear size in the order notes. ***

This product is not stocked and is custom made with a 6-8 week delivery time.

** BRAVO Cut Ballistics ONLY **  If you are buying for an existing armor express vest next to your vest size on the panels or the carrier it will say BRAVO, if it does not you have legacy cut and this carrier will not fit.

Non-custom sizes available (send size in order notes):

XSmall - 1612  |  XSmall Long - 1613

Small Short 1714 | Small Reg 1715 | Small Long 1716

Medium Short 1914 | Med Reg 1915 | Med Long 1916

Large Short 2115 | Large Reg 2116 | Large Long 2117

XL Short 2315 | XL Reg 2316 | XL Long 2317

2XL Short 2516 | 2XL Reg 2517 | 2XL Long 2518

3XL Short 2717 | 3XL Reg 2718 | 3XL Long 2719


Sizing Recommendations (Measure your waist around belly button height)

Small - 29"-32" (1715) 

Medium - 33"-36" (1915)

Large - 37"- 40" (2116)

XL - 41"-44" (2316)

2XL - 45"-48" (2517)

3XL 49"-52" (2718)

4XL - 53"-57" (2918)

Short - 5'8" or less

Regular - 5'9"-6'

Long - 6'1"+


Number Explanation Example: XSmall "1612":  16" at the widest point of ballistic panel, 12" at longest point of ballistic panel.  This means the front and rear panel will each measure 16" Wide x 12" Long.  That gives you 32" of total coverage around your midsection.

Ballistics Quick Comparison:

Quantum II - .24" Thick | 1.02 lbs per sqft  ||  Quantum IIIA - .25" Thick 1.26 lbs/sqft

Vortex II - .19" thick | .86 lbs per sqft  ||  Vortex IIIA - .25" thick 1.14 lbs/sqft

Razor II - .14" thick | .67 lbs per sqft  || Razor IIIA - .19" Thick .91 Lbs/Sqft

Quantum is thickest, heaviest, stiffest option.  Vortex is extremely flexible and upper mid-level weight/thickness.  Razor is the thinnest and lightest, mid-level flexibility.

Roughly 4-8 sqft per vest pending size

Even Quantum is thinner and lighter than the cheap YouTube brands like SafeLife.

Razor II is what US Secret Service wears due to how thin, light, and flexible it is.

Vortex is the best-selling package across the US.

Product Specification Links:

Quantum Series

Vortex Series

Razor Series

Recommended Size Guide (This will give you 1"-2" overlap on each side):

Width: Take tape measurement around the widest point of your stomach (near belly button)

25"-28" = XS

29"-32" - Small

33"-36" = Medium

37"-40" = Large

41"-44" = XL

45"-48" = 2XL

49"-53" = 3XL

Length: Take tape measurement from the very top of your sternum down to 1" above your beltline WHILE SEATED with a straight posture.  Match that measurement with the second set of numbers in the sizing chart.  Example:  Small Short is 1713 the "13" is the length of the vest in inches.  This recommendation will make sitting down with the vest on still be comfortable and still cover all your vital organs while standing.


Download this form and send us the B, D, and E measurements in the order notes and we will convert them for you.

Measuring Form Link


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