Know Your Kit: WoundClot Hemostatic Gauze

At The Activity Group, we’re proud to deliver the range of WoundClot hemostatic products.

WoundClot Hemostatic Gauze

WoundClot is an advanced cellulose-based hemostat that aids in the treatment of soft tissue bleeding, major vascular injuries, and extremely delicate procedures as found in head, spine, and other traumatic injuries.

Developed by Core Scientific Creations, Woundclot is the first Class III bio-absorbable (under CE regulations, WoundClot is not yet FDA approved as absorbable) hemostat that is approved for the treatment of severe bleeding both in the field and in the operating room. It is biologically active and stable on the wound site for 24 - 36 hours, before dissolving completely within 7 days. It is a non-active bio-absorbable product that dissolves fairly quickly to avoid clinical complications while being strong enough to handle massive hemorrhage. This provides enough time to allow both the natural biological process to take place and the definitive treatment of the patient either in the field or at the hospital. It provides a significant reduction in re-bleeding and in some cases eliminates the need for invasive closure procedures.


  • Easy to use.
  • Conforms well to irregular surfaces.
  • Sterile and water-soluble with no known side effects.
  • Rapidly clots injuries ranging from superficial wounds to arterial bleeding.
  • Absorbs 2500% - 3500% of its own weight.
  • Remains active and stable up to 36 hours.
  • Easily and safely removable.

Designed with a patented molecular group. It is produced with a unique non-oxidized manufacturing process allowing the gel formation and expansion of the product upon the absorption of blood. Woundclot can absorb between 2500% - 3500% of its own weight without separating or dissolving for an extended period of time. This unique gel structure is a new molecular design that harnesses applied physics, biology, physiology, and chemistry to achieve all these properties.

Application of the Woundclot dressing on the bleeding site causes the unique gel to harness the hydration forces between the mucosal layer and itself. This results in a strong physical attraction that leads to the adherence of the product to the tissue. The stronger the bleeding pressures in the wound, the stronger the attraction.

For this to happen, the type of gel the product transforms into has to be precisely designed to be relatively slow forming with a vast ability to absorb bleeding without breaking down. This ability to store and maintain a stable membrane allows for the pooling of active coagulation factors in significant quantities to be sequestered in the membrane. The membrane flexibility of the molecular gel structure allows a hemodynamic environment in which rapid coagulation cascades are created given the large amounts of coagulation factors present due to the capillary forces.

The coagulation factors attach to the surface tissue and the membrane. The coagulation process is initiated many times faster and stronger than at the surface of the wound by enhancing the presence of platelets, multiple coagulation factors, and amino acids. This dramatically reduces the flow of blood from the wound.

In turn, this process also increases the adherence of the membrane to the tissue, making sure it is stable on the wound site. Once bleeding has stopped and the coagulation cascade is formed, the capillary and hydration physical forces are eliminated, allowing for the easy removal of wound clot, if desired, as one piece without disrupting the clot already formed.

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