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Pocket Emergency Wallet Kit

Regular price $63.00 USD
The Pocket Emergency Wallet (PEW) is an elastic sleeve, elastic sleeve with 3 compartments, two large and one for gloves.  With our typical focus on efficient minimalism and affordability, we designed this kit to provide emergency bleeding control within a context where EMS, backup, or rapid exfiltration to a hospital are available. 

Measuring 4×5 inches, the PEW fits most back pockets, cargo pockets, and jacket pockets. With the proper selection of contents, the kit can be as slim as 1.25 inches Fully loaded from The Activity Group, the PEW weighs in at svelt 5.5 ounces.

Kit Contents
1x - Pocket Emergency Wallet (PEW)
1x - H&H Mini Compression Bandage
1x - H&H Flat Compressed Gauze 
1x - Nitrile Gloves
1x - Hemostatic Gauze (choose when adding to cart)
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